Shadow and Ice, Conjurer is coming!

2014-10-10 14:20:33
New class  – Conjurer-The master of shadow and ice has arrived!

Spirit tales will release a new race called Fin along with its special class “Conjurer”! Here is a special introduction to its 2nd class: Whisperer and Poisoner, as well as its 3rd class: Nightmist and Venomer.

Conjurer is an expert at using dagger and staff, and uses toxic and tide to cast shadow and ice magic to significantly improve its ability.
Conjurer Skill – Water Destruction

2nd class Whisperer has a mastery of ice. This skill offers an enhancement of its dodge and parry abilities and its shield can also resist damage. What’s more, it even has the power of ignoring the ice resistance of the enemy.
Whisperer Skill – Choppy Sea

2nd class Poisoner can reduce the shadow resistance to an area and deal huge shadow damage to all the enemies there. Its skill potential outburst can also massively improve its survivability.

Poisoner Skill – Shell Dance

Besides also having the defense advantage of Whisperer, 3rd class Nightmist has the added abilities of skill combo and draining attack. This gives it the perfect combination of both defense and offense!

Nightmist Skill – Mist Moon Slash

3rd class Venomer’s shadow power is super-developed. In order to face the danger from area critical attacks, it has the skill to reduce damage suffered. Additionally, it can also enhance the attack of the whole team through its support skills!
Venomer Skill – Cyclone Fish