Treasure Tree Adventure

2014-09-24 15:59:09
To open the Treasure Tree Adventure, click on the Koala button  next to the small map to begin. The first time you use the Treasure Tree, click the "New Adventure" button in the upper right corner to enter the dice roll, and you can begin an adventure!

Only players Lv.30 and above can take part in New Adventures.

You can only enter the Treasure Tree in the Wilderness or Clan Island.

For each new Treasure Tree Adventure you should use 1 AP. Every 2 hours spent online, will give you 1 AP and you are able to receive a maximum of 5 in total.

At the beginning you have 3 dice rolls. By defeating monsters that are between 9 levels higher, and five levels lower than yourself you can receive HP. The number of dice rolls will increase by 1 when HP reaches 100%. After completing an adventure, HP and map updating will reset to zero.

After you have rolled the dice to take your turn, you can use the “Dice Tools” function to change the number you roll, but it cannot be greater than 6, or less than 1.

During adventures you will come across all kinds of awards. Not only do you have the chance to receive EXP and “Treasure Tree Boxes”, you could also find hidden Treasure Tree maps. Plus once a player completes all the adventures, he/she will also receive a “Rare Treasure Tree Box” or “Advanced Treasure Tree Box”, with Capsule Coin, Lucky Capsule and lots of other great Mall Item gifts. There is even the chance of getting cute Hugging Koala weapons!