Like a typhoon! New class “Blade Mage” Introduction

2014-08-08 10:37:23

To celebrate the release of Spirit Hare’s new class “Blade Mage”, we will introduce the feature of each 2nd and 3rd class of “Blade Mage”.


“1st class – Blade Mage” is proficient with katana, glove and dagger, he can use powerful wind spells and butterfly charms to enhance him, and summon devil to defeat his enemies.
Blade Mage Skill: Butterfly Charm – Flowers Rain


“2nd class Prophet” owns the blessing of the wind, he can cast an armor to resist damage, and use “Divine Fist” to destroy the enemy in a flash, he can’t be underestimated!
Prophet Skill: Devil Order - Mist Shadow


“2nd class Spirit Warrior” can easily use the wind magic to attack an area of enemies, reduce damage and recover HP.
Spirit Warrior Skill: Rock Cliff


Besides the advantages of Prophet, “3rd class Flame Prophet” can summon even more powerful devils! Use his blood as contract to increase attack speed, and ignore any attack at a moment!
Flame Prophet Skill: Devil Order – Diabolism


Beyond the ability of Spirit Warrior, “3rd class Battlemage” is able to cast time magic, defeat his enemies when time stops.
Battlemage Skill: Devil Order - Timely Rain