Elites of Glorious Shield, Fight for World Cup

2014-06-12 16:58:48

Event 1. Guess the winner

Event time:  6.12 – 7.13 (server time)
Eligible participants: All Spirit Tales players
Event location: Spirit Tales forum
Event requirements: Players must write their character IGN plus which country they think will win the world cup

Event prize
‘Octopus King’ nickname
Nickname description: Congratulations! You correctly predicted the winner of the 2014 World Cup, and you may bear the title ‘Octopus King’!
Nickname buff: Wisdom increased by 5%.
‘Octopus King’ Buff description: In this age of talent, one who is able to accurately guess the champions of the World Cup may truly be called a ‘master of prediction’!

In addition, all players who correctly guessed the winning team will also win:

Guardian and Pray (7 days) *1
Red Sakura *2
Master Pet Dango *3
Magpie EXP Orb *1

The above items cannot be traded!

The World Cup final will take place on the 13th July (Monday), once the match has finished and the winner has been decided we will collect the data and prepare the prizes, which will be sent out by 16th July (Wednesday).


Event 2. Shoot some pictures, score some prizes!

Event time:  6.12 – 7.13
Eligible participants: All Spirit Tales players
Event location: Facebook page
Event requirements: Players must submit character screenshots (maximum of two) to the Facebook event page. The pictures must relate in some way to the World Cup and must be accompanied by text containing the character IGN.

Event prize
World Cup Gift Pack

Open it, you will get the following items:

Telefeathers *10
Protective Crystals *2
Master Pet Dango *3
2 Star Lucky Talisman *2
2 Star WP EXP Oil *2

Above items cannot be traded.

5 pieces of screenshot will be selected by ST Team to win Epic Jungle Samba Suit (for male characters) and Epic Sexy Samba Dress (for female characters).

Event 3. You and I, hand in hand, enjoying the World Cup

Event time:    

First wave – 6.11 after maintenance – 6.18 before maintenance
Second wave – 7.2 after maintenance – 7.9 before maintenance
Eligible participants: All Spirit Tales players
Event content:  If, during the event time, a player accumulates over 30 hours of playing time, and their character reaches at least level 30, they stand the chance to win amazing prizes!

Event prize
Prestige Pack
Upon being opened you will obtain the following items:

Lv. 1 Battle Guardian Stone *1
Heaven Reality Gem *3
Improved Protective Crystal *2
Guardian and Pray (Single Day) *2

The above items cannot be traded!

Things to take note of:
1.        The player’s character must reach at least level 30 during the event time in order to be eligible. Should the server experience problems during the event time, the system records will be used to determine eligibility.
2.        Prizes from the first wave will be placed into the Mall for collection after 6.18
3.        Prizes from the second wave will be placed into the Mall for collection after 7.9
4.        Each account may only take one prize
5.        We reserve the right to alter the terms of these events at any time.

Event 4. Bonus for Drop Rates and EXP
As 6.12 singles the start of 2014 World Cup, and also to celebrate Father's Day on Jun. 15, drop rates and exp bonus will be increased by 10% from 6.11 maintenance till 6.18 maintenance.