Spirit Tales Carnival

2014-05-06 15:57:22
As of May 10th, Spirit Tales will be two years old! Happy Birthday, Spirit Tales! To celebrate the two-year anniversary, the Southern Continent is holding a grand Spirit Tales Carnival. The Spirit Tales Circus will give wonderful performances, but some members are running into trouble now. Help the circus members, players may win special festive costumes.

Event Time: 5/7 – 5/21

Theme 1:  Popular Puppeteer

Puppeteer Tina’s twin sister Tiya got lost. Help Tina to find Tiya, you will obtain [Twins' Gift Box], from which you may win a cute pet – Tiya. Your Wisdom and movement speed will also be increased by 5% for 3 hours.

Then help Tina to repair the crystal on the puppet, you will obtain Circus Gift Box and Awarding Testimonial. From the Circus Gift Box, you have a chance to receive Happy Clown Hat – Green and Advanced Happy Clown Hat – Red.

Help Tina to find her sister 

Help the circus members to solve their problems 

Theme 2: Magic Elephant

Expert Trainer Elena accidentally broke the favorite toy of the magic elephant when she was preparing the performance. The little elephant was so angry that it refused to perform. Help Elena to collect all the necessary materials to repair the toy, you will obtain special buffs: your magic and attack speed will be increased by 5% for 3 hours.

When you have collected all the materials, help Elena to repair the toy, you will obtain a Magic Gift Box (Male/Female) and Awarding Testimonial. Open the Magic Gift Box, you may receive Circus Costume (Male/Female) – Green and Advanced Circus Costume – Red (Male/Female).

Repair the toy to make the little elephant happy 

Theme 3: Spirit Tales Carnival Celebration  

Though the Spirit Tales Circus ran into lots of trouble when they came to the Southern Continent, the Glorious Shield warriors helped them a lot and solved all the problems. In order to thank the warriors, if you collect enough Awarding Testimonials, you can exchange for a unique title [Spirit Tales 2-Year Anniversary], which increases max HP by 5%. In addition, your Physical and Magic Critical Hit Rate will also be increased by 5% for 3 hours.

Celebrate the Carnival with Spirit Tales Circus!